“Amstel3City changes the way we act and think about urban planning by creating new tools to empower local communities to take more ownership”

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Amstel3City is the worlds first smart city initiative for real-time master planning



Various layers of object based information are displayed directly and intuitively in the 3D environment


The interactive navigation bar allows users to visualise individual 3D data and initiatives.


The realtime and interactive panel both displays and posts information for transformation areas

“Stakeholders can co-create future urban scenarios and combine resources to get real projects done”


We can no longer use the same urban design tools of the past that have created the urban design problems of the present. New players and tools are needed. We need to revolutionize urban planning to meet the demands of today by making it smart, real time and low cost.

What if we could create a new urban operating system where buildings and the social environment could talk to each other? And what would they say? What if stake­holders were to share, model and interact within a digital 3D real time model? Can we not come up with more ingenious solutions to our property and investment challenges today?

As people and businesses are flocking in great numbers to cities we need to find new ways to make smarter, faster and more lucrative decisions with our existing building stock and urban environments.

What if we could create an interactive 3D digital environment for “clickable” urbanism?


A 3D interactive modelling platform that transforms buildings, infrastructure, natural environment and future projects as ‘click-on’ 3D objects revealing levels detail.


Open source and user generated data sets are embedded into each object via a dashboard display for current real estate conditions and future urban transformation


Thanks to the intuitive interface ModelMe users who are looking for real time information in urban areas can initiate and share ideas on the development of the area

Project Area

The pilot projects begins with Amstel 3. A business area located at the entrance of Amsterdam beside the A2 Motorway. It is an urban area that covers 110 ha of ground with 115 office buildings, 26.000 employees, 200 companies, 80 realestate owners and 25 financiers

(Explore interactive map below)

“A real-time 3D database gives local communities a complete overview of what is going on in their neighbourhood”

Amste3City is supported by a growing number of public and private organizations. With their support, we are transforming Amstel 3 business area into a forward thinking, innovative, and cooperative urban destination.




ABN-Amro Amres AMC Annexum
C3-church Bertram-Group Caramsa-Groep De-Groene-Groep
FGHbank GlamourManifest ivg IKEA
KOM Pronam Merin StenaRealty
Speech-Republic SynCo Syntrus  VAZO
 ZuidoostPartners  BHASP

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